It’s more than an English conversation textbook

Our students can speak English if we let them.

Most of their instruction until now has been limited to memorizing vocabulary and grammar rules, as if speaking English were beyond their reach. A good English conversation textbook can get students to focus instead on improving their fluency. This is not a goal that must come much later, after they have acquired all the English knowledge we can teach them. It’s something your students can practice in your next class.

Nice Talking With You
Nice Talking With You

Technology is here to stay.

With the Internet and the rise of mobile learning, all listening doesn’t have to be a classroom activity anymore. Nice Talking with You goes beyond the typical English conversation text because it lets students practice listening and vocabulary outside the classroom, so inside class, they get more time to speak English.

Teachers know that nothing beats a lesson that flows.

Timed conversation is the Nice Talking with You classroom management tool teachers can use to maximize student talk time in the classroom. All students start and finish at the same time. You’ll be surprised at what a difference a countdown timer can make to your class atmosphere.

Nice Talking With You
Nice Talking With You

Students say they need more vocabulary.

What they really need are conversation strategies, the words and phrases that make simple conversation possible. Nice Talking with You‘s core activities put these essential phrases at the forefront of instruction, so students can do what they really want: speak English.

Everyone loves taking polls and quizzes.

and seeing how their answers compare with others! Nice Talking with You lets students take polls, surveys and quizzes on their mobile devices.

Nice Talking With You
Nice Talking With You

Language is social. It’s real world.

A good English conversation textbook connects learners with the popular social media they already use. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are the places students go, and their English learning is right there with them.

Confidence isn’t something students have or don’t have. It’s something they learn.

The Nice Talking with You approach gives students the motivation to keep studying English. Once students get started using conversation strategies in English, watch how their confidence grows!

Nice Talking With You

About Nice Talking With You

This text series by Tom Kenny is published by Cambridge University Press!

Nice Talking With You, Level 1
ISBN 978-0-521-18808-1

Nice Talking With You, Level 2
ISBN 978-0-521-18809-8

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