How to Study English with Global Voices


Global Voices: The sound of International English

What is Global Voices?

Global Voices is a Bonus Feature from author Tom Kenny. It’s available only online at

How does it sound? Global Voices is a collage of monologues that showcases the great varieties of world English. Hear British, Australian, and New Zealand accents mixed in with excellent non-native speakers from Asia, South America, Africa and Europe. Students can practice listening to the varieties of English pronunciation, pick up new vocabulary, and extend their inter-cultural awareness.

There are 12 Global Voices features, one for every topic from Nice Talking with You. Each contains:

  • a streamed audio file
  • an online activity to check comprehension, and
  • a wrap-up online survey for students to see how their opinions match opinions of other students their age

About Nice Talking With You

This text series by Tom Kenny is published by Cambridge University Press!

Nice Talking With You, Level 1
ISBN 978-0-521-18808-1

Nice Talking With You, Level 2
ISBN 978-0-521-18809-8

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