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FULL Teacher’s Manual

Hi Teachers,

It’s been a frenzied start to the semester, so sorry that things are coming in piece-meal. The Teacher’s Guide is available now on the password-protected page. (Click the tab above that says “For Teachers.”)

Tom Kenny

Teacher’s Manual PDF

For you patient teachers:

Just got a .pdf containing part of the Teacher’s Manual for Nice Talking With You, which you can download here.

As soon as the entire TM is available, I’ll post the download link for you here. Sooooo, subscribe to this blog, and you’ll be sure not to miss it!


Zipped Audio for Teachers

Hey to fellow teachers,

I’ve just added all the audio files you need for teaching Nice Talking with You. You can get them in two big zipped folders, available now on the “For Teachers” page of our site.

A “Nice Talking with You” student comments

This is Jun Kaneda, who used Nice Talking with You as a freshman at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies. As a job-hunting senior today, she has something to say about the future — a view that might surprise you.

An intro to “conversation strategies”

For ages now, I’ve wanted to post a presentation of some kind about conversation strategies. First, I wanted to aim it at students. Then I decided to make it for teachers. Then I vacillated over which form to put it in: Slideshare, a PowerPoint, a Prezi, blah blah blah.

With some encouragement from Cambridge’s Richard Walker, who liked the video I did that showcased the topics of the new edition for Nice Talking with You, I figured, why not do a similar video that emphasized conversation strategies? The video is heavy on illustration and action so that we can keep students’ attention, but the organization and underlying “building blocks” metaphor of the video make it easy for teachers to visualize and remember.

So for teacher and learner alike, I hope it’s a cool way to conceptualize conversation strategies. You can see it here: “English fluency with conversation strategies” (about halfway down the page).

Thanks to Rich LePage for lending his legendary audio engineering talent.

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This text series by Tom Kenny is published by Cambridge University Press!

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