The English conversation textbook that gets students talking and keeps them talking!
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  • Timed Conversation
  • Fluency Training
  • Listening
  • Motivation
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Step-by-step English fluency with Nice Talking with You

Teachers know how difficult it is to get students talking in an English conversation class. Nice Talking with You is the popular English conversation textbook that teachers use to help their students practice fluency. Nice Talking with You puts “conversation strategies” at the center of instruction, to get students talking and keep them talking!

Teaching English Conversation

A good English conversation text gives you more than just good conversation topics. If we REALLY want our students to improve their speaking ability, let them learn conversation strategies! English conversation comes alive in the classroom when students practice with the conversation strategy activities in Nice Talking with You!

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Nice Talking With You 1

Listen to the audio of Nice Talking with You 1 and download your sample of a “Conversation Listening.”

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Nice Talking With You 2

Listen to audio of Nice Talking with You 2 and download a sample from the “Real Conversations.”