What are conversation strategies?

They’re words and phrases that students can learn fast, so that you can have them practice natural conversations in the classroom, instead of scripted dialogs. Conversation strategies give students ways to maintain the conversation, fix communication problems, and react in English, istead of reacting in their native language.

Here are a few examples of conversation maintenance strategies:


Openers: “What’s up?” “How’s it going?” “What’s new?” “How ya doin’?”

Closers: “Nice talking to you!” “Well, I have to go” “Talk to you later!”

Continuers: “What else?” “Like what?” “How about ____?”


The prefabricated phrases students practice with Nice Talking with You make all the difference in how natural students sound when they speak English. And a few conversation strategies go a long way! Here’s a little video author Tom Kenny made. It will give you a good idea of what conversation strategies are all about.


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