Everyone needs to practice English listening. It’s important if you want to improve your English! And with an online quiz, you can check your understanding fast!

I’m very happy to welcome new students who’ve joined Nice Talking with You from all over the world this month so far, especially from

  • Malaysia
  • Romania
  • Egypt
  • Japan
  • Vietnam
  • United Arab Emirates
  • and Thailand

For you and these new students, I have made a new video! I put it on YouTube and Facebook, but this time I wanted to do something special for you. So, I made a way for you to

1. Watch a video
2. Check your listening
3. Get the script

Click here to get the video, quiz and script, from the Nice Talking with You website!

friends quiz shot

The listening and activity are short and not too difficult.  And it’s kind of fun to quiz yourself instead of just watching or listening to a video.

When you have time, please check it out and then share it with a friend.

from Tom Kenny

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