How about some speaking practice? Even if you can’t talk with an English native speaker, you can try to listen to one and imitate the speaker’s pronunciation or intonation!

The website has a lot of practice material for everyone. This week, the website has had a bunch of visitors from beautiful MEXICO!

Thanks to:

Karina L	Alejandra D
David T     	Gio
Manuel H.   	Anel G
Elena d.    	Pedro A
Francisco R 	Esmeralda
Adriana O   	Gabriela T

mexico-nicetalkingwithyouI don’t know how many teachers in Mexico are using Nice Talking with You, but I’m thrilled that so many students took the time to check out the ESL materials available on the site! In fact, here’s something I made today just for our Mexican friends. Watch the video and listen. See the words in yellow? Stress those words when you repeat. It will be a nice way to get some English speaking practice. Enjoy!

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