Audio updates

All the audio for the textbook has been finished, and will be available first on the page entitled “.mp3 downloads.” This is for students to access on a unit-by-unit basis. In my experience, students rarely download all the files they need for a semester at once!

When that’s squared away, I’ll combine everything into a big zipped folder for teachers to download.

Tom Kenny

Audio for the new textbook

At long last, the new Cambridge Edition of Nice Talking with You is out, ready for classes starting in April.

You’ll need to know how the new book is different from the older editions. For now, I’ll limit the explanation to just the audio material.

There were 3 listening sections in the old edition:

1. Listening — Noticing the HINTS
2. Real Conversations
3. Dictation listening

In the new edition, there are simply two listening sections:

1. Conversation Listening: 4 short conversations of traditional scripted dialogs between two speakers each. These are performed by North American native English speakers.

2. Real Conversations: an audio collage of unscripted conversations between 3 sets of two speakers. Each set contains a native speaker and a non-native English speaker. (The native speakers are from Canada, Australia and England.) The English learners speak French, Cambodian, and Japanese as their native tongues.

Take a listen to the samples on the website — you’ll find them under “mp3 Downloads.” Hope you like them, and hope your students will find them engaging!