I think it wold be so cool if students using Nice Talking with You could take a quick online poll and then see how other students who took the poll answered. So, I’ve added some polls powered by Surveymonkey.

Lots of text units start with a warm-up that connects the unit topic to the learner’s life, like this:

I don’t think the days are too far off when all students, armed with their mobile devices, can give instant feedback and see how others responded. What will be REALLY cool is when students can see how guys in Taiwan differ from women in Japan on their likes & dislikes. That kind of instant feedback is available now, but it’s very costly. And, I think the interface for showing results to the end-user is very Excel-clunky.

If fellow teachers know of more affordable ways to get such results more elegantly, I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing these useful resources…

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